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Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1971.

Lives and works in Florence, Italy.


1990  Philosophy, Ducksung Univ. South Korea....interrupted
1996  B.F.A. Fine art, Korea Univ. South Korea
1999  History of art, TU Berlin. Germany...................interrupted
2005  B.F.A. Decoration, Accademia di belle arti di Firenze. Italy



‘If he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.’

-Arthur Schopenhauer

The painting I would like to realize is something like the graffiti of a prehistoric era.
A kind of painting which is easy to understand and to truly feel, just staring at it without any explanation in words, a composition of essential elements with a minimal use of strokes and colors, to represent our collective wishes and hopes.


By representing images which live in the individual or collective memory, I would like to create paintings that embody a natural empathy between myself and the public without imposing solely my own ideas.

The landscapes which seem to have been glimpsed sometime, somewhere, maybe in a dream or deep inside of mind...the landscapes in my paintings are not a reproduction of reality, they're nostalgic images we long for in our mind.

The little figure in a scene doesn't have a specific identity, so anybody can feel, ‘It is ‘I’ in those landscapes’.
Truly, I would like to communicate with all souls and with the whole world through my paintings, seeking the common denominator between us.

Communication often becomes the goal for lots of artists, but above all, it works as a vital key to move us forward toward the essence of existence.


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